Manage Unlimited Social Media Profiles Safely

Create, Edit, and Manage Chrome & Firefox Browser Profiles in a simple Windows Application.


What is Isolat8?

Isolat8 lets you use multiple social media accounts without compromising your privacy and security. Using a unique, privacy focused isolation technology, Isolat8 enables you to use multiple social media accounts simultaneously, while preventing them from interacting with each other.

Isolated Browsers

Each browser runs a private profile, this way the browser can't leak any data to other browser profiles.

Profile Management

Can run multiple browser profiles simultaneously on the same computer.

Proxy Support

Assign HTTP proxies to individual browser profiles as needed.

User Agents

Set unique user agents for each browser profile.

Extension Support

Each profile can run each own set of extensions/addons.


One time purchase. No monthly fees.

Privacy Focused
Multi-Login Manager

Our software adds another level of security by storing the browser profiles directly on your computer. All your account information that is stored in the accounts remains on your machine. We have no way to access these records and you have full control of your data.


Chrome Browser Profile Manager

Our Chrome profile manager supports all Chromium based browsers.
Some of our features:

Set HTTP proxy credentials via GUI

Install Chrome Extensions via GUI

Set User-Agent of browser

Mass Import & Export of profile details

*Profiles cannot be moved from computer to computer without losing login information.

Firefox Browser Profile Manager

Our Firefox profile manager supports all Mozilla Firefox based browsers.
Some of our features:

Set HTTP proxy credentials via GUI

Install Firefox Addons via GUI

Set User-Agent of browser

Stealth Security Addons

Mass Import & Export of profile details

*This version allows profiles to be transferred between computers while keeping login credentials.

What makes us different?

Privacy focused

We don't utilize a cloud synchronization system. That means all your profile data is safely located on your machine. We don't have access to any of your profiles or passwords.

Unlimited Profiles

We don't set a limit on how many profiles you can create & manage with our software. The only factor limiting creation is hard drive size. Each profile starts at approximately 50MB.

Isolated Browsers

We know browser profile managers can be very expensive. Often they provide features that aren't needed. We have stripped out extra features to save you money.

Find Your Plan

*All product keys are hardware locking on a single machine*


  • Supports up to 10 profile creations


  • Chrome Version
  • Firefox Version
  • Unlimited profiles


  • Either Chrome or Firefox verison
  • Unlimited profiles

Need Custom Requst

We are happy to help solve any purchasing decisions or issues.


Got a question? We’re here to help.

You must have a Windows 10 Machine and install Chrome or Firefox depending on the version purchased. No support for Virtual machines or VPS.

No! We are not able to view any of your profile data. All profile data stays safely on your computer.

No, we offer a free version of our software for testing. No refunds will be approved. Please test the software before purchase.

Yes! You only need to purchase the program one time. The license is good for 1 activation.

Isolat8 allows you to containerize your social media accounts to avoid linking which can lead to a ban. 

The main difference is the Firefox version allows you to transfer profiles between computers without loosing login information. Also the Firefox version supports installing extra security addons upon profile creation.

You can activate Isolat8 on 1 pc. This is to prevent software sharing. If you change computers, please contact us and we can issue a new key.

Still have questions?

We’d be happy to help answer your questions regarding our browser profile managers. Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to respond quickly.

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